Soup is good for the soul

Life is not always in our control, which can lead to uncertainty. Many people try to control the uncontrollable, but this just leaves them feeling anxious and stressed I have found a way to let go of this obsession of control and to instead just go with the flow, letting things occur the way they present themselves As a result, I have been able to live a much more peaceful and joyous life. As we recently found ourselves faced with the challenges of a global pandemic, my philosophy on how to approach life’s curveballs has proven to be even more effective. All of us were forced to make changes to our paths that we’d been comfortably controlling. Rut a few months ago, I was getting ready to launch The Healing Soup, a bistro designed to match specific ingredients in soup to individuals’ needs. I was searching for the perfect spot to lay down roots with a cozy, quaint decor in mind. But then the unforeseeable happened and, like many other small business owners, I had to switch gears. Because of my spirituality and “go with the flag” attitude, I was able to pivot without hesitation. With social distancing now being a new normal, my mien of a cozy, quaint bistro has shifted to an open-air eatery close to the Midtown/Wynwood area, allowing my passion for healing people with food to live.

on. II have already contacted local growers of organic produce to source the eatery, where I will create opportunities for small groups to reserve a VIP room so that they can experience the connection with their food that will be tailored to their individual needs. Food from the earth fuels the body Not only can eating according to your deficiency make you feel better, but certain foods can actually boost your mood and increase Serotonin. My extensive research has found that blood type diets along with eating plans such as gluten-free, dairy-free ketogenic, vegetarian, vegan and flexitime., can he those with health conditions such as high blood pressure, celiac disease, inflammatory disease, allergies and more. It is my passion to help cure human ailments through nutrition. After all, its said, “You me what you ear I encourage everyone to open their minds to uncontrollable circumstances. Don’t try to always control the outcome. I assure you that with this attitude, you will live in more peace and harmony So the next time life hands you lemons, make your choices endless. Make lemonade, make lemon pound cake, make whatever it is your heart desires! You’ll be surprised at how life can turn around when you change your way of thinking—something you do have control of!

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